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His look

Fabian male nu peterbald

The Peterbald is a cat of great elegance, slender and muscular. The head is triangular when viewed from the front. The ears, large and broad at the base, extend the triangle formed by the head. The profile line is straight from the top of the head to the tip of the nose. The eyes are almond shaped and placed at an angle.

The neckline is long and loose, the body tubular and firm. The legs are long and high, with fine but dense bone structure. The tail, long and thin, resembles a whip and helps to prolong the impression of length.

There are three varieties of Peterbalds. The nudes, whose skin is hairless and elastic with a touch that somewhat evokes the

rubber. The velvet or flock, whose skin is

covered with a very short down , sometimes barely visible ,

which evokes the chamois skin . And finally the brushes including

the coat is short, curly and harsh.

chaton nu
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